Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm here...kinda ..sorta..:-)

Life is , well , life, right now, but that's o.k. cuz HE's on the throne still.:-) Been very busy with the grandbabies moved in and being their caregiver while Marissa goes to school. Work for Bob has been sparse but just enough to keep us eatin':-). Praise the Lord!
 At this time of remembering Christ's birth I am focusing moreso on His redemptive work and not just that He has been born, but that He is truly risen and living!:-) 
 Anyway... Hope everyone is doing well and feeling HIS love.:-)
 Here's the kid's school pics we just got back!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Feast of Thanksgiving!

Today has been a busy day! Got up early and went with the kids to go to Morningside farm ( to pick up popcorn and nutritional yeast (cheezy's not just for breakfast anymore!)..
After that we went straight to homeschool co-op where the kids take guitar, current events and a first aid/ survival type class.
Came home to the grandchildren and Marissa waiting for us to baby sit and then I threw a 20lb turkey in the oven. :-) We're having a feast of Thanksgiving tonight! Celebrating the hard work Bob has been doing to keep us afloat..but also, miracle of miracles...he's actually NOT working tonight! Hallelujah!! We don't see each other much and I miss him terribly. He's a good man.:-)
I'll post pics later (cuz I KNOW you're dying to see ,lol...) of the afore mentioned bird and side dishes:-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Exhausted but still here...

Well, it's been a looooong time since I've posted anything... not because nothing has happened or we've somehow gotten less boring.. oh no, that's never us! (as much as I'd like it to be sometimes:-) Things get so crazy sometimes, I just can't figure out how to actually say what's going on in my native tongue and don't know any other language to communicate in. (well except a little german, and I can cuss and order food in spanish:-p ) But anyway....
Bob got a job in April in Murfreesboro, an hour away , as a carpenter for a contracting company that has a contract with the state of TN to install some water thingy at the VA hospital... Long way to drive each way, not really making it financially, but with an eye on the future, he goes and works.
We're STILL trying to sell this house.:-( The value is dropping as I type and if we see that we will actually have to pay money at closing instead of receive money at closing, we'll actually have to foreclose:-(( Ugh... Money has been tighter than size 2 jeans on my behind:-( I'm glad we'll soon be able to eat from the garden. Hand to mouth is more fun with fresh veggies,lol..
The school year is ending this week for us (YIPPEEEEEE!!!) and our time , it appears will now be spent taking care of the grand babies and working the garden.
Last week, Marissa had a court date regarding Chad not paying ANY child support for the last 3 months. Before then there was a deposition, which had Marissa, Chad , both lawyers and a court reporter. I prayed that Chad would be provoked by the Lord , with no free will of his own, to speak the truth in spite of himself. Well, HE is a wonderful God, who answers all kinds of prayers:-). Chad proceeded to not only admit that he and his parents have, since the inception of the court order, been violating it by having no supervision, have a minimum of 6 unlocked, unregistered weapons laying all over his trailer while Eli was with him. And that he does not WANT to get a job and wants to sit and play video games and smoke pot all day. When asked if he thought he had a drug problem he said "yes". When asked if the lawyer paid for it, if Chad would take a drug test on the spot, he said "no".:-/ So charges of contempt were filed (after a YEAR of this:-( ) and the court date was last Tues.... Where once again, he lied and lied, but still couldn't keep himself from saying things to a conservative southern judge like "I don't have to pay child support, they've got food stamps for that" :-/ (picture the judge right here doing a Spanky McFarlan , little rascals , double take:-/... ) He once again said he does drugs and plays video games all day... when asked what he would test positive for that day , he said "pot and lortabs" when asked if he would take a drug test he once again said "no"... So after admitting essentially to 5 counts of contempt, the judge sentenced him to 50 days in jail (one of these counts was for soliciting minors on myspace and offering them drugs in exchange for a "hookup" ) ...Fast forward , not far enough, to today, where his lawyer is as I type petitioning the judge to reconsider letting him out TODAY and guess what? There's a high likely-hood it will actually happen! Ugh.... there are truly some days where if the Lord came back , I might do something stupid like ask Him what took Him so long?:-( I'm that tired I guess. Lord forgive me:-(.
On a more cheerful topic... I have the babies pretty frequently and Caleb at 9 months took two steps toward his Grammy yesterday:-) I love this part.:-)
Eli is a clever, mouthy,lol, smart and a whip , 45lb! 2 and a half year old,lol.. He's still my little guy:-).
Jake is turning into a wonderful young man who truly loves the Lord. He's advanced in his studies and is growing so tall he's only a 1/2 inch shorter than I am at 12 years old.:-) I'm 5'6".
Shannon is my beautiful prov.31 girl:-). She becomes more of a lovely Christian lady every day. These things are a miracle with me for a mom,lol...
Marissa is finally coming out of the fog of rebellion, and taking up her cross. A beautiful cross of being a Mommy to two wonderful boys and getting herself back under her Father's headship and learning to submit. It's been hard on her, on us all, but it's been worth watching.:-)
Well, now that I've cheered everyone up,lol, I'll close here:-)