Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Feast of Thanksgiving!

Today has been a busy day! Got up early and went with the kids to go to Morningside farm ( to pick up popcorn and nutritional yeast (cheezy's not just for breakfast anymore!)..
After that we went straight to homeschool co-op where the kids take guitar, current events and a first aid/ survival type class.
Came home to the grandchildren and Marissa waiting for us to baby sit and then I threw a 20lb turkey in the oven. :-) We're having a feast of Thanksgiving tonight! Celebrating the hard work Bob has been doing to keep us afloat..but also, miracle of miracles...he's actually NOT working tonight! Hallelujah!! We don't see each other much and I miss him terribly. He's a good man.:-)
I'll post pics later (cuz I KNOW you're dying to see ,lol...) of the afore mentioned bird and side dishes:-)


Marci said...

Karen, I am SO GLAD to see a post by you. YIPPEE!!! I am also wanting to see pictures... SOONER rather than later... I am a bit impatient. =)