Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Alton Brown and Thomas Dolby....same guy???? hmmmmmmm

O.k., so way back in prehistoric Karen-land, I was quite the "new waver"...oh yes, I burned up the dance floor in my Molly Ringwald-esque way...peg leg jeans, off the shoulder ripped up sweatshirts and of course doing the flash dance running routine in my room to drop that pesky extra 20lbs.... It was THE thing in 80's southern California pop scene. I even saw Thomas Dolby at the Santa Barbara bowl....(we won't discuss the Thompson Twins concert I also saw there...ick...) Anyway, fast forward to Christian Homeschool Mom-hood. One of my favorite ways of teaching science in is the kitchen , which of course makes Alton Brown's "Good Eats" indispensible! We love Alton in our house! The other day I thought it would be funny to show our youngest the "She blinded me with science" video on youtube, you know, just to break up the monotony of the day.... and lo and behold there was what looked like an 80's weird guy version of Alton Brown!!! No really, it was Thomas Dolby but I keep thinking , good grief was Alton Brown actually Thomas Dolby in some past weird life???:-) Probably not,lol..but the resemblence is uncanny!! Just add 25 years onto Thomas' face and voila! Alton Brown!:-D
Look for yourself!


Marci said...

You are way younger than me. I have no idea who either person is. =)

Zach, Tamara and Gavin said...

Hey Aunt Karen,

Send me an email - - I want to chat with you and Marissa. Love you. Tamara

Anonymous said...
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