Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It doesn't get better than this......

A clearly exhaust Caleb with all my picture taking:-)

Caleb at two days old:-)

Here's Caleb at 5 minutes old (After I stopped crying and remembered I had a camera:-)
Here's Caleb last night at our house...He wasn't really sure he was done eating, but his thumb was making him happy none the less:-)

" Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.." Psalm 127:3

Well, as the post title states, it truely does not get better than this:-) My second grandson Caleb Michael arrived at 12:54 am August 15th. After a very fast and ferocious labor, he entered this world right before my eyes and once again I was struck with the incredible fact that the Lord Himself was with us! It was truely amazing... He is so good to give us these gifts, especially considering what a doofus I am :-). Later, I reflected on how all Christ's laboring here is for the bringing of new life! We are given life by His precious Blood and built up in His Body, then when we cast off the old man and walk in His Spirit we share him ,in our co-laboring, we have the priveledge of witnessing the new and eternal life in another! Each one a precious new baby in the Lord. Praise the Lord! Isn't it amazing that all creation witnesses the process of regeneration? In my thinking, it seems if you just watch, it takes so little faith to see Him in everything. Maybe just me, but still He is so evident and real! Well, enough of my gushing:-)

I am so blessed to have Shannon and Jake , who are only 14 and 11 still, that absolutely adore and dote on their two nephews! They are the perfect Aunt and Uncle. Patient ,loving and kind. Shannon will make a spectacular Mommy some day. At 14 she can, with a baby on her hip, make a lunch, get a bottle, and tidy up the living room all at once, all the while singing "God is bigger than the BOOGIE MAN",lol... Jake is the most wonderful rough and tumble Uncle:-) He has such a child like exhuberance yet just enough maturity to make sure Eli doesn't kill himself,lol... They have been helping so much while I do the Grammy thing for the babies and Marissa. And then of course there is "GRAMPY"! He is the star of Elijah's life, without Bob, Eli would be so lost right now. It's hard on Eli to have no Daddy, and a Mommy who is so busy, stressed out and tired. Bob is our earthly rock and provider. Without his love for the Lord which is manifested in his care for all of us, we would be in serious trouble. His devotion to us all, and in particular is attention to Eli to bridge a terrible gap after his Daddy abandoned him,is a gift to witness. But everything is working out just fine and we are being held so tightly in the Lord's embrace. Praise the Lord for arranging things so perfectly for us in the midst of such a fallen world!:-)