Monday, July 23, 2007

It's the end of the world as I know it...and I feel old...:-p is the last day....of my 30's..youch:-) I'm not all that hip on turning 40, in fact that's an understatement. But it's not because I value my youth, or I have any beauty to hold on to,lol.. certainly not because my 30's were such a blast, on the contrary I really wouldn't wish MY 30's on an enemy... It's more a feeling of time wasted, or not seized "enough"..ya know? I guess I'll have to see... Then again, 40 is a very important number in scripture , it's the end of struggling, the end of strife... O.k., I feel better now:-)On another note, and far less pitiful and pathetic...Marissa is dilated to 2, 50% efaced and station 2...contractions are some days alot, some days none..but I do believe my second grandson will be born any day now. Praise the Lord for new life!:-) I'll post pics of my wonderful grandbaby as soon as he arrives.:-)