Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just some stuff:-)

Anyway, yesterday, our youngest turned 11.He is such a hoot and a wonderful boy:-) This birthday for some reason was such a bittersweet thing for me...I guess, when you want so much to have more children but can't, that last precious child becomes even more precious and his days even more valuable than you remember them being just last year. We had a good time though and he is a joy to have for a son.:-) Just as the other two and now the grandchidren are beyond what I ever deserved in my life. I am filled with blessings. If only I could keep that in mind as a stumble around in my frequent pity parties,lol...:-p
In case you can't tell..I am quite down these days:-/ I have become so weary over the trials and traumas of the last several years. More than I can ever write down in a few posts, but suffice to say, I'm wayyy tired. It's not JUST the fact that living in the south has been an exercise in extracting a dripping with honey knife from your back every time we turn around (bless your heart!") Or that I have witnessed the utter and horrible degradation of Christ's church to the extreme through the life of a crazy IFB preacher (uh, if you'r interested, google Dr. Peter S. Ruckman and behold the craziness that was our church...thankfully that's past tense)... so much more though... I thank God though that He has balanced the "awful" with the "awesome" and helped me know to turn to Him through it all. I am forever grateful for that.... He is a wonderful Father and a merciful savior. Even more so I'm grateful that He continues to put up with me and work on me:-) Thankfully the cure for what ails me is death on the cross:-D

On to more/less important things.... Let me preface this by saying I watch very little t.v. but the rant below kinda tells ya can people sit and watch this stuff?
So, being tired of all the junk I have to do,I turn on the t.v. this morning and there is the waste of expensive air space show "The View"...good grief. Aren't there more than enough networks devoted to promoting gay and lesbians as somehow wiser than all of us stupid heteros? Like maybe HGTV?! So anyway, this rant isn't about the seriously demented ,out of control Rosie, but more about the poor excuse of a conservative Elizabeth Hassel-something-or-other.... So they're talking about the no brainer upholding of the partial birth abortion ban--read: murder. Rosie is of course a promoter of all things heinous so she is up in arms at not being able to choose to murder an unborn human up until 40 weeks gestation...And of course Elizabeth weakly pipes in a few times saying "well, I don't agree with that...." snivel snivel.... She ends up saying something along the lines of ,it shouldn't be legal to have partial birth abortions...duh... Rosie in all her weird glory yells..."these fetuses are deformed or dead usually!"... Now does Elizabeth say "WHY SHOULD IT BE LEGAL TO KILL DEFORMED CHILDREN?!" No....she says " if I were pregnant with a deformed baby, I wouldn't choose to do this".... Of course Rosie says like the good pagan she is..." THAT'S YOUR CHOICE, OTHER WOMEN SHOULD HAVE THAT CHOICE ALSO!!" audience erupts into ferocious clapping fit here.... My goodness, the audience on that show would surely throw Rosie a ticker tape parade if she burped the alphabet or something. Every horrible aluminum pyrite nugget that comes out of her mouth impresses them like she's Gandhi or something.
My problem though, is not with the utterly predictable Rosie or why she is being given this forum...but with a woman who professes to be a Christian and a conservative. I wonder if she'll ever figure out that it's her clear impotence as a conservative Christian that provokes ABC to keep her on as the token she clearly is? She is far more infuriating than the crazies they have surrounding her at that table.
I know this all sounds caustic and cynical but I guess I just needed to get it off my chest:-/

So o.k., that's all I have to say about that:-)
Better be gittin' and on to the ever looming house fixing...
Lord get us out of this town , please help us sell our home and move on to a better location. You know our need....AMEN.


Peggy said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! the music is "blackberry blossom" by phil passen and tom conway. if you scroll down on my blog you will see player on my sidebar. you can click there to get more info or to put music on your blog. I hope you sell your home and get to move to the smokies. I was born and raised the western nc mountains in the middle of the smokies. I love the area and my daughters all live in different parts of the smokies so I visit often. Have a nice trip!

Anonymous said...

Karen, love the picture on your blog! :0)

Also, my heart echoes your thoughts about your son growing up. My youngest is too a son--and he is only 13, and 3" taller than me already!
I'm trying to cope! LOL

shepherdsong said...

You go Karen! do not become complacent just because this world accepts the "if it feels good" attidtude. Sticks with you beliefs and stand strong in the Lord.
Patricia (homesteadheaven)

theorosfamily said...

Yeah!:-) Patricia ,when the Lord moves me closer to your area, I'll bring the poster board you get the markers and we'll shake up the joint,lol...

Ladyfromthewoods said...

I happened to flip the t.v. on and caught that same segment that you talked about. I kept waiting for Elizabeth to break out and stand up! I was so terribly dismayed also. I think the producers picked her as the "conservative voice" b/c she is still young and swayable and not prone to the tirades like Rosie. After all, it's the best way to promote liberal views while making it appear that they are trying to represent all viewpoints. But, too, I think the Rosie tirades have come back to bite them. I think Elizabeth needs our prayers big time, young conservative in the big city among the wolves as she is. I wouldn't want to be her!

I'm sorry to hear that you are having neighbor problems. I hope that you won't judge the entire south (or even just TN) for it. I wish you luck in finding a new place. Y'know, Kentucky has really lovely country and CHEAP real estate! ;-)

theorosfamily said...

You know, we did look at property in KY when we came from FL and are still kicking ourselves for not buying it,lol..Scottsville area. If you know of good inexpensive areas please let me know:-)
Thanks for visiting:-)