Sunday, April 22, 2007

Git up n' go needs to git a little faster:-/

Well, it was made abundantly that we need to be headin' off down the road a bit faster than we first anticipated.:-/ I believe we will be headed to Nashville where Bob can pursue his career . As long as we're together, we'll be fine though.:-)
I have moved so many times in my life that you would think I'd be used to this...but alas, as I get older I also get more tired, so these moves become more and more difficult to pull off. I have hopes that one day I will be plopped in the absolute perfect "forever" place (other than heaven:-) and there I will stay, doing all my homesteady granola mom/grammy things:-) Sitting in our rocking chairs , facing west with Bob whittling at my side and me singing a mountain hymn with a joyful heart and hopefully new teeth:-) ...This pic below is something I look at all the time and think "hey, it could happen...." :-)

But I'm not going to indulge in too much wishful thinking and begging ,lol, I've done that before and gotten myself into a pickle...rather I'll pray this....
But godliness with contentment is great gain: for we brought nothing into the world, for neither can we carry anything out; but having food and covering we shall be therewith content 1Tim.6:6-8
Oh Lord give us your strength and your speed, lead us to a good pasture where we may raise our children, dote on our grandchildren and get some much needed rest...amen:-)